Trusted By Some of the Most Prestigious Companies

Chef Training U.S. is the preferred partner for hundreds of groups, restaurants and chain of hotels in avant-garde cities in the United States. Our solutions will support your HR department to:


  • Recruitment process and interviewing agenda at zero cost
  • Attract and retain international hospitality and culinary talent
  • Solve your staffing challenges of finding employees who are both competent and enthusiastic
  • Create a multicultural setting
  • Represent your brand with an accomplished and multilingual staff who have an international mindset
  • Assist you with all visa, health insurance, and accommodation matters.


If you would like to start receiving talented culinary candidates, please send us an e-mail to


We know it is critical that your students and recent graduates benefit from valuable work experience in the most reputable restaurants and hotels.


Our founders and employees have passed for the same. They have lived this experience abroad and they know the accomplishments that students or young professionals are going to pass.


Our support service department in EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES provide full support service before, during and upon completion of the career program. Your students/graduates will be individually assisted by one of our career consultants.


We will guide them step by step with the application and interview procedure, visa papers, accommodation, transfer to and from the airport, and we will ensure that they end up with a career program at an employer that fit their profile and their personal wishes. In addition, we will provide them with different educational and cultural activities to have the opportunity to adapt perfectly in the new country.


Contact us at if you want to receive further information.

Chef Training U.S. is always partnering with other leader companies who share the compromise of facilitate the integration of young professionals in a global world and encourage the mobility of our professionals. We pride ourselves in partnering with some of the most renowned associations, institutions and organizations around the world.


We are trusted by some of the most prestigious companies because we stand out for quality.

Let us assist your students and alumni with an international experience!


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