Chef Training U.S. program was born in 2015 and has become one of the leading specialized training programs in the culinary arts' industry.

The United States is a reference in the culinary industry, mainly for its diversity, and is a great place for international chefs to experience unique cultures, climates, and cuisine that differ from their own.

At Chef Training U.S., we provide a unique program where U.S. companies and foreign candidates can establish contact. Our professional team will assist companies with the matching of the most promising international culinary participants and arrange for candidates a placement in great companies in the United States.

Our value is to promote and encourage the cross-cultural exchange and serve as bridge for fostering international culinary networks. Our network of companies and educational institution with a recognized national and international prestige is the fundamental asset of the program and it is continuously growing.

Our mission is to foster

and promote culinary arts’

professionals to the U.S. market.​


New York, 10001, NY

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