Air Europa the Official Airline of Chef Training U.S.

Traveling to the U.S. for a new professional experience is clearly an important step in your professional career. No doubt about that. As everything relevant to our lives, we want to make sure that everything is ready and well organized. For this reason, choosing a good company for traveling to the United States is an important step too.

The two partners who created this company arrived as many of you: when they were young, under a J-1 visa, and without knowing what they were going to find. Therefore, when they launched Chef Training U.S., they wanted to make sure that this experience was going to be 100% perfect for all participants.

Once they arrived in the United States, they encountered some difficulties, such as how to find an apartment, how to open a bank account or which is the best option for a phone carrier company. The air company was also a problem. As many of you know, when you get your J-1 visa approved, you must have your tickets not only for coming into the US but also for your going back. Here is the problem. Who knows in 2019 when you are going to fly back in 2020? Well, our founders also wanted to resolve this problem and that’s why they decided to partner with Air Europa.

Air Europa is the official airline of Chef Training U.S. through which our candidates can acquire certain benefits that allows them to have an amazing experience and have everything under control.

How to use the benefits from Air Europa:

  • Manage your visa through Chef Training U.S.
  • Choose Air Europa as your airline company
  • Inform Chef Training U.S. of your travel plans
  • Enjoy the benefits of this agreement

To better know your options, please contact Chef Training U.S. and we will inform you about how you can enjoy these great benefits!

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