Finding a job related to the sector of your choice might not always be easy. There are many platforms with many different types of jobs and the search can be stressful and not profitable. What’s more, talking about looking for a job in the U.S. is even harder!


That is why whenever we find resources that make these processes easier we save them and share them with you! One of these assets is Turijobs, which is a job website leader in tourism and hospitality, with one of the biggest data base of professionals and companies of the sector. It was born in Spain and now it has expanded to Mexico, Brasil and Portugal. Having such an exclusive site which focuses on the field is the perfect excuse to find a better job opportunity!


Turijobs Mexico (https://www.turijobs.com.mx/) and Chef Training U.S. have decided to partner in a collaborative alliance. This way, candidates will have it easier to find a job opportunity in the U.S. searching through Turijobs Mexico, and guided by Chef Training U.S. to further proceed with the selection process, and once selected, with the J1 visas and sponsorship for all the candidates.


Chef Training U.S. will share all the hospitality offers of our partners in the U.S.– which include well recognized Spanish, Italian and Japanese restaurant groups,  among other culinary and hospitality business – in the platform of Turijobs. Thanks to that, candidates will have access to prestigious restaurants such as one of the biggest projects in NYC, under the signature of important Spanish chefs.


The main objective of Turijobs Mexico is to make this search easier, helping both sides of the process, companies and candidates of the touristic sector to meet their goals. Turijobs offers the best opportunities for the professionals of the industry. Chef Training U.S. has already collaborated with the sites of Spain and Brasil and the cooperation model brought great results. That is why we are confident that in Mexico it is going to also be a success. Turijobs Mexico’s mission is to set a base in the sector, being competitive, innovative and ethic, which values and retains talent, considered their main asset and the key to success.


The best way to take advantage of their service is to sign up with your resume and apply to the vacancies by clicking here. The process is very simple and quick.


You are just a few clicks away to find the best job opportunity!

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