Grace Period – Take Advantage of your Time in the United States

Travelling to any part of the world takes planning. Do not worry, we will help you!

One of the benefits of the J1 visa is that it allows you to come to the United States one month before the start date of your program! This means that this first it gives you time to settle and get to know the city, people and the environment you are going to be in, overall it lets you adapt. Once you start your program you will be an expert in knowing your surroundings.  You can also look at our blog and look for tips for packing and getting everything ready to come to the opportunity of your LIFETIME!

Planning is an important part of making your program successful, take advantage of the opportunities that the J1 Exchange Program gives you and make your program the best of it.


Guess what? After you finish your program, you have ONE MORE MONTH after your end date to visit the United States of America. You will be allowed to travel anywhere within the United States and enjoy the beautiful parts of the country you still have in your bucket list. During this time, also called “Grace period”, you can take advantage on do even more cultural activities. It always depends on when you finish your J1 Program, however here is an advise At the end of the day, it is up to you where you want to spend your time. And remember, anywhere you go in the United States you will enjoy!

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