Its Time to Process your Tax Return!

It’s time to file taxes for any earnings received during your J-1 program with Chef Training U.S. To get started, we wanted to share the below information.

The deadline for filing your taxes in the U.S. is around April. Taxes are divided into two groups:

  1. Unpaid Positions
  • If you participated in an unpaid position, you are required to file form 8843 to report your presence in the U.S. and that you did not earn any taxable income.
  • If you need to file Form 8843 you do not need to file Form 1040NR-EZ or a state income tax form with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Please read the following instructions to learn more about Form 8843 – Statement for Exempt Individuals.
  1. Paid Positions
  • You should have already received your W-2 form from your host organization. This important tax document is needed to file your taxes in the United States. If you had more than one host, you will need a W-2 form from each host organization. You will need to file both a federal tax return and a state tax return.

Tax Filing Options

Please read the following information to learn more about your options for filing your taxes. You can file your tax returns yourself by completing the correct forms and sending them in with your W-2. You can also choose to use a tax service, which will prepare your returns on your behalf and charge you a fee. Many participants find that using a tax provider is quicker, easier, and more reliable, because the required forms can be confusing.

If you choose to use a tax service:

  • Important! Use a reputable company. There are many tax service providers. Some are designed for J-1 visa holders, and some are not. The cheapest option is not always the best. Be sure to check the provider’s credentials carefully.
  • Ara Accounting Services is a company that specializes in online U.S. tax preparation solutions for J-1 visa exchange visitors like you. Do not use online tax preparation software such as TurboTax. You can contact Roberto at

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