Simple Rules To Make The Most Of Your International Work Experience

Getting an international experience is not only one of the biggest steps forward in your career, but also in your life. While having a valuable opportunity is key to make this experience a successful chance to grow professionally, it is also really important to have the right attitude to take full advantage of your time abroad.

From Chef Training US we want to give you the three rules to make your international experience beneficial to you in every way, professional and personal. Ready?


While this might sound very simple and obvious, many people forget that a new country means new rules and a whole new world to be explored and discovered. It’s easy to go to your workplace with an open mind and learn everything you can from your boss, your co-workers and all the staff around you. But if you want to take full advantage of your international experience, you have to keep this mindset for all other stages in your life outside of work. The key is “Learn”: learn the transportation system, learn the best places to go to, learn how people behave when they meet you, or when they accidentally bump into you on the streets… There’s so much to learn out there! And all of it will be very valuable for your next step in life. Don’t allow yourself to live in a country and be unable to explain how that country and its people are when you leave it.


This country is new to you! What are you doing underneath those bed sheets? From Chef Training US we invite you to follow what we call the “100% rule”. Anything you do during your international experience; you should be doing it at 100%. If you are working, work your hardest; if you party, enjoy the dancing and the company of your friends; if you take a trip, don’t let any detail slip through your fingers, take a lot of pictures, post them on your Social Media, and tell other people to join you! Be the best you 100% of the time, because this time of your life is unforgettable!


Since you are coming from another culture, don’t forget that you are as enriching for the new country as the new country is enriching for you. You can contribute with your own skills and your own culture to spread the knowledge to those who are around you.

In the workplace, don’t be afraid to propose to your supervisor some initiatives that you are capable of doing, and inspire and involve the rest of the team in the project. They will appreciate that you bring different perspectives to the workplace. In your personal life, create plans and encourage your new friends and acquaintances to join you in them. From preparing a picnic in a park, going to museums or attending regional fests. There’s a wide range of ways to have fun and strengthen new relationships!

Now pack up your things and get these rules in your suitcase and your brain. You are ready to make this new adventure in your life an incredible experience that you’ll never forget!

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