Chef Training U.S. is the leading specialized training and career programs that connect 

employers with the best possible employees in the hospitality and culinary industry


 The First Specialized Exchange Program

for Culinary Professionals in the U.S.​

Washington, D.C


New York 





Chef Training U.S fosters a unique multi-cultural and educational environment, encouraging the trainee to learn and grow of the best U.S. culinary professionals.​


Our participants are the most qualified individuals in the culinary arts industry. These candidates have been selected from top-rated colleges from all over the world through a criteria ranging from their academic background and job experience.​


Ranging from restaurants to large corporations, Chef Training U.S. is trusted by the most important and prestigious organizations from the entire world, including educational institutions, entrepreneurs, chains of hotels, restaurants and food companies.​


New York, 10001, NY

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