How do I communicate during my program?

As you are packing your luggage and getting ready for an opportunity if a lifetime, you stop and thinkā€¦ How am I going to speak with my family and friends??? Do not worry! Thanks to the technology nowadays there are many ways you can keep in touch with your loved ones. So, how do you get connection in the United States?

There are 3 different ways to have data in the United States:

  1. Your mobile company: Some companies in different countries have agreements with the telecommunication companies in the United States. Weather is by paying an extra fee or it is included in your plan. Make sure you ask your mobile company for this information.
  2. Prepaid service: All the major mobile companies offer prepaid service. For the prepaid service you must pay for the data and accessibility before you use it. You will get a certain amount of data or unlimited data, depending on your preference. While you get the service, you are also going to pay for the sim card. The sim card helps you connect with the network. Besides the main mobile companies, there is a sim card specialized for J1 visa holders, which is
  3. Postpaid: If you wish to pay at the end of each month and follow a subscription, you should choose the postpaid service. In the postpaid service you commit to a certain number of months in a contract and pay for the service after you use it. All the major mobile companies in the United States offer it.

The most common mobile companies in the United States are:

  • T-Mobile
  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • MetroPCS

Do not worry, you will be in constant communication with your loved ones. Just, relax, enjoy and upload as many pictures of this adventure! Check this blog It will give you ideas on how to embrace the American culture and participate in month to month experiences.

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