To plan, organize and control the day-to-day activities of the outlet, in order to provide an efficient and effective service to all guests which exceeds their expectations, ensuring that sales and profits are maximized and that company standards are maintained.

Main Duties:

  1. To manage and develop the Restaurant to agreed standards and ensure maximization of departmental profit.
  2. To optimize guest satisfaction of Restaurant through consistent high operating standards and a professional approach.
  3. To manage the day today running of the Restaurant ensuring excellent service standards are maintained at all times.
  4. To manage and develop departmental personnel by constant training.
  5. To ensure good liaison with your peers and Senior Management.
  6. To recommend improvements and changes in order to exceed guests ‘expectations’.
  7. To work towards achieving your agreed objectives and targets.
  8. To ensure the F&B  operation is maintaining its agreed level of operating performance at all times.
  9. To maximize departmental profits.
  10. To work within budgeted head count levels.
  11. To work within the key ratios of: Payroll cost and expenses.
  12. To minimize abuse of working plant, e.g.: china, cutlery and glass.
  13. To comply with all operating control procedures.
  14. To maintain a high customer profile.
  15. To ensure safety and hygiene standards are maintained.
  16. To maximize sales potential.
  17. To promote the training and development of your personnel.
  18. To compile daily report sheets for each function.
  19. To ensure all charges are raised on the same day.
  20. To assist the Food and Beverage Manager with departmental budgeting and forecasting.
  21. To monitor departmental level of operating standards.
  22. To update and adhere to the departmental standards of performance manuals.
  23. To prepare weekly/ monthly rosters ensuring adequate staffing.
  24. To supply all client services to the agreed standards.
  25. To plan and monitor holiday requests and ensure that company policy regarding holidays is maintained.
  26. To minimize all overtime where possible.
  27. To agree and propose all personnel projection of your operation and assist in staff selection at unit level­ supervisory and operative.
  28. To ensure staff training is ongoing within your operation.
  29. To comply with the company disciplinary procedure.
  30. To appraise your subordinates in line with the company procedures.
  31. To ensure all your staffs are dressed to the agreed standards.
  32. To ensure all your staffs are aware of all health and safety matters.
  33. To ensure that the briefing sessions are held within all outlets to ensure all staff are aware of their duties.
  34. To ensure all beverages are secured.
  35. To minimize all undue waste of food, liquid and equipment.
  36. To report any damaged equipment to Maintenance department.
  37. To liaise with Food & Beverage control on all matters regarding revenue/ consumption discrepancies.
  38. To be familiar and comply with the company Fire Regulations and procedures.
  39. To personally attend planning meetings in order to be aware and plan all forthcoming business.
  40. To regularly liaise with your colleagues over client’s requirements and needs.
  41. To liaise with Food and  Beverage, Operations, Manager, regarding customer feedback, positive or negative.
  42. All operating decisions related to all F&B outlet within agreed parameters.
  43. Appointments and internal promotions in consultation with the Director Human Resources, Exec Chef in charge of F&B Operations and F&B Manager.
  44. Implementing and maintaining high operating standards consistently within the F&B Outlets, whilst improving profitability.
  45. Motivating the Food & Beverage International reputation.
  46. To take operating decisions.
  47. Motivation and development of staff to encourage skills within the department.
  48. Department organization and standards: Financial Performance, Staff Development, Business, Update
  49. External/ Others: Suppliers, Business Community
  50. Knowledge of food preparation, service and beverage service.
  51. Good man­ management and communication skills.
  52. Good training skills.
  53. Understanding of profit and loss statements.
  54. Be a rational problem solver and able to adjust to any Changes that may occur.

Ancillary Duties:

In line with the Club’s strive for continuous improvement, you may be requested to participate in various extra activities contributing towards individuals and organizational growth.

Represent the department or a group in various committees, such as the Staff Committee, Green Theme (environmental), Food Committee, Sport Committee or projects. Be trained as a Fire Marshall or First Aider.

Quality Responsibilities:

 Aware of the restaurant Vision and Values.

IT Security Awareness: 

  1. Read, Understand and comply with all applicable Information Security Policies and Procedures of the restaurant.
  2. Co­operate, co­ordinate and share information with Internal/External Audit teams as appropriate and applicable.
  3. Attend Information Security Awareness sessions conducted by the wasl IT Department.
  4. All Information Security breaches, events, weaknesses, incidents (actual or suspected breaches) shall be immediately reported to the IT Service.

Levels of Authority:

Prepared by:                       HR

Approved by:                      Director Culinary


Positions Available: Manager

Stipend: 1850 gross + incentives (180-­ 450 euros monthly)

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